Sara (sjpianoprincess) wrote in ourloveisloud,

My Space

Has anyone checked out the My Space blog that the David Crowder band has set up? Here is the URL: I tried to look at it, but I couldn't figure out how to.
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I have to say I'm a little skeptical that this is actually a MySpace for David Crowder and his band.

Who knows, I might be wrong.
That is definitely really his Myspace. In fact, I found his xanga with unedited excerpts from his book, and they were written last year...WAY before his book was actually published. A lot of bands have myspaces and they are legit. Relient K, Mae, and mewithoutYou for example. Not to mention local bands.. :)

PS: How can you not look at it?
I don't know. I just was really confused when I got to the page. There were so many things you could click on and some of the stuff I did click on said you had to be a member and I don't want to sign up just to look at that blog. And when I clicked on view all blog entries it only had one from Wednesday. And I thought there was supposed to be live cameras and stuff. I didn't see anything about that there.
I'm not confused anymore. I was just misunderstanding stuff. Anways, I've been watching their web cams for about an hour and it's so amusing. Maybe tomorrow I'll watch it all day.